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Where do you find your brand?

If you’re a family owned company getting ready to start succession planning, or possibly facing a changing market, you need to know where your brand stands.

And if it’s standing on weak, spindly, ill-defined legs, it may be past time for you to get to work clarifying and building up your brand’s strength. Discovering exactly where it should reside in your potential customer’s mind.

As Al Ries—the father and founder of brand positioning—once stated: "… the core idea of positioning is filling a hole in the mind. Chobani filled a hole called ‘Greek Yogurt’ … Activia filled a hole called ‘probiotic yogurt.’

Before you find your place, you need to find yourself. And your true meaning and purpose.

Look everywhere

Start with yourself and your company—why are you doing what you do?

Observe the marketplace—what are your strengths and weaknesses?

Peek at your competition—what are they doing and saying and planning?

Look at life—what trends or beliefs does your service or product relate to?

You can learn much more about finding the useful truths that will shine a light on and reveal your brand by fast-forwarding to 19:18 in our webinar, Get It In Writing: Why you need to articulate your brand position

Enjoy a quick listen. And, then, get looking!

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