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Surf upon the Ocean of Mediocrity

You a business owner? Marketing director, maybe?

Here’s an effective way to invest the next hour:

Hop on the internet and poke around your competitors’ websites.

What are they all saying?

Then pretend you’re shopping for, say, well—doesn’t really matter, you name it—and google it and see what comes up.

What are they all supposing?

After that, sit back in your chair and consider every other piece of communication you may have been assaulted by today: every banner, billboard, pop-up, TV spot, Facebook post, radio commercial, you name it …

What were they all screaming?

Likely, for all the hundreds of messages you’ve already encountered today, you don’t remember a single one. Certainly not one that left a truly indelible impression on you.

Now think of all the dollars those companies spent to be unnoticed and so easily ignored.

Many in our industry refer to this remarkable amount of unremarkable white noise as a ‘sea of sameness’.

But it’s not only that so many are crowing the same story, it’s that those stories are so unimaginatively expressed. Each is mediocre at absolute best.

So, personally, I refer to this condition as an ‘ocean of mediocrity.’

And I believe it provides you with a wonderful opportunity to push your brand forward.

Because you are free to positively surf upon this ocean of mediocrity.

All it takes is some honesty from yourself:

Are you currently contributing to the mediocrity? (If so, you are being lost in the mediocrity.)

Stop doing that.

Instead, examine your condition and your market.

Come face-to-face with all your truths (the good and the bad).

Discard the minutia, reveal the relevant, elevate the emotional element …

… clarify and clearly articulate your differentiation ...

... hone in on meaningful messaging expressed in memorable ways

...feel the exhilarating wind on your face ...

... as you focus, focus, focus your brand...

… and then …

…hang ten.

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