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Don't sell yourself short

When selling their business, some owners give away their most valuable asset. Their brand. Oh, sure, in planning for their exit, the outside accounting firm they hired wisely went beyond simple revenue-minus-costs, and diligently calculated and included such things as patents, distribution agreements, defined marketing plans, employee engagement . . . . . . everything that everybody knows makes up the ultimate value of a business. But they always tend to forget to add in one grandly important asset: the value of the brand. Just what is that? It’s the premium your brand earns from each sale (think Nike and $300 shoes vs a comparative quality competitor's shoe that could never fetch the same amount), it’s the ease your company can be included in a potential customer’s mindset, it’s the quality of people who want to come work for your brand . . . Whatever you think your business is worth, it may be worth that much more once you consider the value of your brand. Never overlook this important consideration

Never sell yourself short.

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