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Branding is like bootcamp

They get off the bus having different abilities, beliefs, attitudes, and habits.

They drop their bags, get their shave, are issued common fatigues, forfeit their individual identity, begin a process of being broken down, focusing on basics, digging deep inside themselves, forging bonds and—piece by piece—being built back up into a tight fighting unit with a focused vision.

They discover more about themselves, the truth about what they can be, the fact about their purpose in the world. They develop into a mature, highly disciplined and fully capable unit who know how to care for themselves and others.

Could your company use some of that?

Be all you can be

The process of assuring your brand is as strong and effective as possible, and articulating exactly what makes you so important to your customers, begins with all of you.

No pushups necessary, but you will all be pushed. You, your people, your whole company broken down to the bare essence. Beliefs and opinions will be stripped away and laid bare for all to consider, prod, and challenge. You must be able to defend your position, or—in the face of research that may provide a different truth from your customer’s point of view (and what could be more important?)—you may need to evolve your beliefs and practices to aligned with a deeper truth.

Points of distinction emerge to be evaluated by all, the weaker points cast aside, the priorities of importance established. It is tough and demanding, invigorating and enlightening, pushing you to your limits.

You’ll discover something deep inside yourself you didn’t know you had. Your brand will become more fit.

The process of going through brand positioning is indeed like boot camp. With one major difference. In the military, you’ll end up learning the ‘Army way’. With your brand, there is no predetermined ‘way’. That will be revealed during the process. And it will be based on core, undeniable truths and insights (about your company, your customer, your category) and for that reason, it will build your company up into a more powerful, formidable force.

Just look around

So many of the others in your category are like-minded. Lazy. Their offerings are the same, their operations are the same, their messages are the same … they all mean the same thing to potential customers.

Be not you. You want to stand apart. Above. And you just know, deep inside, you have what it takes.

So hit your branding like a bootcamp. Bring out your best.

Be one of the few. The proud. The business that has worked through the flab and honed itself into tight fighting unit with pure and sure branding muscle.


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