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Six four-player alliances from six different regions will begin the adventure of a lifetime when they are split up between three tribes on a remote island.

Each alliance of former strangers who first met at their region's open casting call won't just be playing against the other alliances--and each other--for the chance to win Survivor. They'll also be playing for a local charity from their region. Whoever wins Survivor will be splitting the $1 million prize with his or her alliance's chosen charity back home. 

And be ready for some new twists, including the new 'Abolishment Idol'.

How far will anybody go to win Survivor? How far will anybody go to assure their charity ends up with half a million dollars--even if it means they won't?

Get ready for another exciting season of Survivor ... Civil War!


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Alexander "Alex" Roth

Age: 31

Hometown: Oceanside, NY

Current Residence: Shaker Heights, OH

Occupation: Chemical Engineer


Hobbies: Cooking, role playing, board games, laying silent-but-deadlies in crowded elevators, community service, classic violin, ferrets.


Pet peeves: Public humming and singing, M&M's and skittles in jars that haven't been pre-sorted by color, gridlock and slow drivers, arrogant people, negligent people (a very specific combination of lazy and stupid where the actions have effects on individuals other than themselves), people who text "u", "bc", etc., instead of typing out the whole word.


Three words to describe you: Weird, intelligent, and kind.

What is your personal claim to fame?

The whole journey of getting my Ph.D in chemical engineering. It took nearly a decade of school after college, but after several minor and major stumbles, I came away both smarter and wiser. In that time I accomplished a lot academically, professionally, and in helping my university become a better place for other students.


Who or what is your inspiration in life?

I look up to both of my parents. My Dad always puts family first and made sure we had roof over our head and food on the table. My Mom taught me that if you work hard and treat people well, you will always feel fulfilled.


If you could have three things on the island, what would they be and why?

A deck of cards is simple and small enough to entertain people in a variety of ways. Pictures of my family and pets as a motivator and soother. A pen and paper as it is sometimes easier for me to communicate writing to people instead of talking to them.


Which Survivor contestant are you most like?

Aubry Bracco played this game with amazing emotional intelligence, and I think that will be my strong suit. Stephen Fishbach is, like me, an Ivy-league educated New York Jew who has a good mind for strategy in regards to managing relationships. Both finished their first stints as runner ups, so I hope I'm not presaging my fate here.


What is your reason for being on Survivor?

First, I'm a fan. The show was enjoyable for me when it started, but I really got into it during the start of my doctorate degree, and it's been one of the major stress relievers going through that time. The money is also a factor as I want to use any potential winnings to eliminate my student loans and try to do something continual and positive for Cleveland with the money.


Why do you think you'll "survive" Survivor?

I'm not really a threat to sink my tribe in a challenge, nor will I stand out in individual immunity. Aside from my academic intelligence, I think people are going to underestimate most aspects of my game or find their initial judgements of me in error. Then when those expectations have settled, I'll strike and they won't know what hit them.


Randy DeMuesy

Age: 53

Hometown: Novelty, Ohio

Current Residence: Westlake, Ohio

Occupation: Advertising Copywriter/Designer/Creative Director


Hobbies: Hiking, reading, cuticle gnawing, walking dogs at the local animal shelter, beer swilling, putzing around the yard


Pet peeves: Sunday drivers in the passing lane, slackers, lazy thinkers, the redundancy of TV/cable/DVD remotes, lack of gratitude

Three words to describe you: Creative, blunt, introspective

What is your personal claim to fame?

After forging my own degree in 'Advertising Creative' via my BFA in Graphic Design, I was hired right out of college (during my first interview at the agency I most wanted to work for) as a Copywriter, which I quickly adapted to and excelled at, well-enough to quickly leap-frog Senior Writer straight into an Associate Creative Director role, which lasted two years until this beloved agency was sold out from under my legs, leaving me out on my butt. I picked myself up and adjusted again, starting my own Freelance Creative business, now 20 years along. Proving persistence and hard work leverages the hell out of ability.


Who or what is your inspiration in life?

I was fortunate enough to have been raised by a member of the Greatest Generation who married  the most thoughtful person in the world. My dad helped McArthur liberate the Philippines (Douglas got the glory of walking ashore while Dad remained in the engine compartment of his LST) then came home and built a family, along with a reputation among all his many, many friends of being a generous, humorous, honorable man. The qualities of hard work, common sense and integrity he impressed upon me were complemented by everything I picked up from my mom, who was a caring and creative soul, always an optimist, and always active with volunteering and community service. I could not have been luckier.

If you could have three things on the island, what would they be and why?

Well, a nice, soft three-ply, for obvious reasons. A pad and pencil, to ingratiate myself with each of my fellow contestants by sketching their caricatures and writing goofy poems about them. Lastly, a good cigar, to sit with and ponder as I contemplate the current condition and formulate the case I will present to the jury as one of the Final Three--the case that will assure me the million.

Which Survivor contestant are you most like?

Ozzy was a humble but skilled player. I can't match his physical ability, but I'll be close enough. And though I'll make friends and interact and build meaningful relationships, I'll be most comfortable in those moments of seclusion on Exile Island.


What is your reason for being on Survivor?

I was a huge fan from the get-go. I've had some chances to test myself in nature and deal with the stress of being wet and cold and off the map and surrounded by bolts of lightening ... but to amplify that with the stress of constantly having to second guess what somebody meant by what they said or what they're saying when you're not around, to also be tested by human nature  --  wow, what an amazing challenge! What an amazing game! I can't wait to take on this challenge, prove myself, and take the million.

Why do you think you'll "survive" Survivor?

I'm a quick thinker who can access and clarify situations lickety-split, then use my creative abilities to craft a relatable and reasoned case to get people on my side. I won't be blindsided by feeling, but move forward with logic, while not being afraid to go with the (at some point in the game) essential gut call that will have to be made. I won't quit during challenges. I won't quit keeping and eye out for the idols. I won't quit, period. If Jeff tries to snuff out my torch, I'll bop him on top of his head with it. 

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Molly Anders 

Age: 40

Hometown: Vermilion, Ohio

Current Residence: Vermilion, Ohio

Occupation: Registered Nurse


Hobbies: Bargain Shopping, Connecting people with each other, exercising and bring a personal taxi for my kids


Pet peeves: People chewing gum and extreme mysophobia


Three words to describe you: Chatty, persistent and purposeful 

What is your personal claim to fame?

Learned how to do the floss at age 40.

Who or what is your inspiration in life?

God because God is #1 on my list. 

If you could have three things on the island, what would they be and why?

Cel phone to snap a selfie with Probst. Roll of duct tape because it's useful. Family picture of my three boys--anytime I would get down, I would look at them to get me through.

Which Survivor contestant are you most like? Tina - will align myself with the best athlete but take him down at the end. 

What is your reason for being on Survivor?

I love to compete. I love a challenge.  I love to win. I love an adventure. 

Why do you think you'll "survive" Survivor?

I'm very Social, fun to be around, will listen to other people, youngest in my family, can talk to anyone, I know when to keep my mouth shut, I', very driven and committed. This 40-year-old will outwit, outlast and outplay anyone! I will be the one America is rooting for!

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Garin Kroll

Age: 56

Hometown: Arlington Heights, Illinois

Current Residence: Avon Lake, Ohio

Occupation: Retired Air Traffic Controller (33 years), Veteran United States Air Force (4 years)


Hobbies: Guitar and anything music related. Golf, darts and Cleveland sports teams.


Pet peeves: Liars, liars and liars.

Three words to describe you: Inquisitive, loving, and hardworking.

What is your personal claim to fame?

Being able to adapt and overcome the rollercoaster called life with a positive attitude.

Who or what is your inspiration in life?

I draw from four all people and philosophies I have encountered throughout my existence. I cannot pick one, so I chose them all.

If you could have three things on the island, what would they be and why?

A guitar, pen and paper. I would have so much fun creating songs and melodies during my time on the island.

Which Survivor contestant are you most like?

I enjoyed the gamesmanship of Ethan John for Survivor Africa. I would try to play the game as well.

What is your reason for being on Survivor?

My family has watched Survivor from season one. Big fans. They always asked me if I would go on. I am in a position in life where I can take advantage of this huge opportunity to become part of Survivor history.

Why do you think you'll "survive" Survivor?

I have a very good personal game and can assess other contestants' strengths and weaknesses and it always comes down to the puzzles.


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