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Harnessing our marketing efforts for the long run

We have a lot of great volunteers with a lot of great ideas who have tried a lot of things to help City Dogs get noticed, and City dogs get adopted. Well, in the same way we carefully assess our canines, it’s time to do the same with our marketing efforts: What’s worked? What’s REALLY worked? What’s not providing much of a return? What new platform should we be exploiting? And how?


And the really big question—who is City Dogs? Does the public know this? And does it matter?


The more true and honed our messaging > the more cohesive and efficient our efforts > the more people will come to know and remember and support City Dogs > the more our furry clientele will be quickly reunited with their loved ones or find their forever homes.


Will you help with this important marketing springclean/hone/refresh effort? 


The first step is easy. Just answer a few of the questions on this WORD download, add your name to the end of the file name when saving, and email it to Then plan on participating in a 4-hour strategic ‘workshop’ on a date and location TBD, when we’ll share opinions and ideas, give honest feedback, illuminate any new insights … the goal being to come away with a better sense of what works and what needs working on, all to better plot and plan effective marketing initiatives today, tomorrow, and even a few days after that.


Thanks for your interest, and your help!. 

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